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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions about the PAYGO website services we provide.

Why do I need a website?

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Being accessible 24/7, a website can provide important information to your potential customers and also provide a means by which they can contact you (email) even when your business is closed.

Why do I need an OPG website?


We will design, host and maintain a highly attractive and professional website (including email accounts and search engine submissions) on a totally pay-as-you-go basis.

You will acquire an experienced and knowledgeable web partner committed to helping you obtain a return on your investment and generous in its advice and support.

We have made the experience of obtaining an impressive and effective website a very simple and indeed pleasurable experience.

All clients receive dedicated (and friendly) telephone and email support and regular access to tips and advice on how to obtain maximum benefit/return from your website.

We offer a flexible service with options so you can tailor your website to your own specific needs and budget.

We have 40 years' experience in serving the promotional and marketing needs of small- and medium-sized enterprises and are the web partner of choice for some 1,500 satisfied clients throughout the UK and Ireland.

Will my payments need to change at some point?

Your direct debit payment is guaranteed to remain the same for a minimum of 12 months. After this time, should a small increase be necessary, we will contact you to let you know 3 months before any increase becomes due. Any future change in your direct debit payment would again be guaranteed for at least 12 months.

What is your policy on domain name registration?

For your convenience, it is our standard practice to register your domain name (or website address ie and be listed by Nominet (the governing body for as the registrant. However, should you cancel your contract at any time after the minimum term then the domain name would be transferred to a host of your choice, free of charge.

What is a brochure website?

Quite simply, your site will look like a highly attractive, well-designed printed colour brochure but with the advantage of being interactive, easier to alter and easier to expand. And because there are no postage or print costs attached to the website, it is much more cost-effective than a printed brochure.

What do I need to supply?

Simply send us your letterhead and business card together with any existing and relevant brochures, flyers and photos you may have. If you have any written copy for your new website, please also send that to us, although as part of our unique service we can arrange for a member of our team to make a 10/15 minute phone call with you immediately after your sign-up for our service to explain the whole process and gather the content we need to build your website.

Do I need a computer?

No, OPG can deliver its unique website service without your needing a computer. Once designed and built, colour proofs of all pages can be sent to you for amendment and/or approval.

How long will it take?

The speed with which your website progresses to completion is largely dependent on how quickly you supply us with the necessary copy and photos and which website package you have chosen. As a general rule, simply because of the amount of copy and customisation involved, for a Gold Service site we should have something for you to look at around 21 working days after we have received the copy.

For Bronze or Silver sites we should have something for you to look at within 14 working days after we have received your copy. A reasonable estimate for a completed site would be about 4 to 5 weeks from receipt of your copy. However, you decide when the site should go live. If you are happy with the general layout & style of the website along with most of the content, our recommendation would be to authorise the site to go live. After all, the sooner your website is live, the sooner you will start to benefit from it!

How do I find out more about OPG Pay-As-You-Go websites?

Simply call us now on freephone 0800 612 1408 or click here to send us an email.

If I have any concerns with my website what should I do?

Whilst we always endeavour to provide excellent service, should you have any queries or cause for complaint, please click on one of the links below.

Website Abuse Policy | Complaints Procedure

Are there hidden additional charges for admin tasks or making changes to my domain name?

No. All our administration costs are covered by your agreed monthly payment.

Unlike many web service providers, if you need us to make changes to your domain name record, eg changing the listed owner (registrant) details, there is no charge for this service.

We also do not charge for transferring domains, although you will need to speak to the third party registrar who you wish to transfer the domain away from or to, to check if they apply any charges for their part of the transfer.

If at any point during your contract you need us to register additional domain names, there is a small charge for this service.

All requests for domain changes will be acknowledged within a maximum of 5 working days, although this is normally within 1-2 working days.

What our clients say about us

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