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About Us

The Oldroyd Publishing Group Ltd is a family business established in 1974 and headed by Chairman Howard Oldroyd and Managing Director Glenn Oldroyd.

Established 1974

Its first company, Homebuyers Services & Co, published personalised presentation folders for estate agents to use in the distribution of property particulars. The concept was new - revenue raised from local advertising funded production of the folders, which were then offered to the estate agents free of charge.

Medical Media

In 1990, it was recognised that a government directive to doctors opened up the possibility for an addition to the Group's product range and following some intensive market research, Doctors' Practice Booklets were launched. This was a significant move, the Group's first departure from the property-related market.

In response to demand from our customers, Appointment Cards were introduced to augment our service to doctors and were supplied on the same free-of-charge basis.

In 1997 the Group began to supply Patient Information Leaflets to G.P. Out-of-Hours Co-operatives, helping to inform patients of this service.

Internet Media

In the year 2000, Oldroyd Publishing Group began to design and host websites, initially for doctors' practices and estate agents, and subsequently for a wide variety of local businesses throughout the UK and Ireland.

We are a member of Nominet, the UK internet registry, and we currently host and maintain websites for more than 900 surgeries, pharmacies, estate agencies and many other types of local businesses.

Today and in the future

From its early foundation in 1974 the Group Directors have taken an innovative, entrepreneurial business approach, identifying new market areas and successfully developing them accordingly.

The latter part of 2012 saw us offering a new product in a new market. Working with local authorities, throughout the U.K., we introduced a guide to “Direct Payments, Personalisation and Self Directed Support.” Delivered free-of-charge to the local authority, these guides are proving invaluable to those people who rely on these support services.

The sustained investment programme continues to be funded from internal Group resources and retained profit. Sensible diversification, the use of the latest state-of-the-art technology by highly trained professionals, the motivation of the specialist sales personnel and the lead given by a highly experienced management team all serve to underline the Group's determination to remain at the forefront of the market for promotional publishing in the professional sectors.

The Oldroyd Publishing Group is firmly committed to further success and growth, creating excellent career opportunities in the UK and Ireland.