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Helping local businesses target health-conscious consumers

We have over 25 years' experience of producing specialist print and internet media for local GP's practices. This gives us the expertise to help you to get the best out of your advertising budget. So, if you want to communicate with consumers in a health and well-being mind set, take a look at our Practice Websites, Appointment Cards and Booklets below.
With a national network of 2,200 separate local media, covering 1,500 surgeries and reaching around 12 million patients, we are well placed to help your business wherever you are.

The Practice Website

Allowing patients to access vital health information when it suits them.

Targeting health-conscious people at home or work ..... or on the move!

The practice website gives patient's 'around the clock' access to essential health information.  Your business details could be part of that information, interested? Click here.

Still need to know more?

The practice website is the place to go for:

  • Ordering repeat prescriptions
  • Booking appointments
  • Checking out the content of the practice booklet, even printing it.
  • Registering online
  • Checking out clinic times
  • Searching for health related information.

We have around 700 Practice websites across the UK with a total reach of around 5.7 million patients. We now offer 'pay monthly' or 'pay per click' options – interested in promoting your business on one or more? Click here.

Appointment Cards for GP's

Portable and convenient, our appointment cards are easy to use. Regularly referred to, they present local businesses with an opportunity to access health conscious consumers on the move. Almost 700 GP's Practices use our appointment cards, with a total reach of around 5.3 million patients.

By reminding patients of their appointment, GP's practices run more smoothly. They also carry vital information about the practice, including a QR code which offers a quick link to the Practice Booklet.

Interested in promoting your business on one or more cards? Click here.

Practice Booklets for GP's

Available in both printed and electronic formats, the booklets contain essential information for patients about their GP's practice. The online version allows patients to click on the adverts to see the advertiser's website. Alternatively they can choose to save or print the booklet to use when they have limited internet access. While printed versions are available to those patients that are not quite so internet-friendly.

Around 900 GP's practices use our practice booklets and between them they have a total reach of 7 million patients. Advertisers are placed on both versions of the booklet when they choose to advertise.

Want to join them? Click here

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