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What Is My IP Address?

Your IP Address Is:


What is my IP address?

This page automatically detects and displays your IP address as is supplied by your Internet Service Provider. This may help with troubleshooting any email or Internet connection problems you experience. We may ask you to visit this page when you encounter any problems with your email account.

What is an IP address?

As a telephone is identified by its unique telephone number, so computers on the Internet are identified by a unique series of numbers called "IP addresses". Every IP address consists of four groups of numbers separated by dots. An example would be something like this "".

Where do I get an IP address from?

Your IP address will be automatically assigned by your Internet Service Provider (eg. BT, Virgin, Sky etc). This address will change if you swap internet service providers. Residential internet users normally will be allocated a different IP address every time they log onto the net. This is known as a "Dynamic" IP Address. Business users often pay for an IP address which stays the same each time they log on. This is known as a "Static" IP address.