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How do I check if my desired .uk web address is available?

To find out if the domain name you require is available:

1. Visit

2. Enter the domain name (without "http://www.") into the search box under the heading "WHOIS" and click the "Magnifying Glass" icon to start your search.

If the response says "No match for "domain name"."

Then the domain name has not been registered and is available.

If the response says "Error for "domain name"."

This means you have entered an invalid domain. Check you have not included "www." and have not used symbol characters or spaces in the domain name.

If the response gives you information about the domain such as "registrant"

Then this domain name is already taken. In this case, you need to decide on acceptable variations on your desired domain name and search for them (eg. if is taken then try

Your website address should be...

1. As short as possible and easy to remember

It is possible to put your full company name, location and full list of services in a web address if you wish. No-one will be able to remember it however, and even typing it in from a printed reference will be difficult and time consuming.

If you can, avoid using hyphens in your web address (try saying out loud a web address which includes a couple of hyphens - it sounds awkward and isn't easy to remember).

2. Not based on information which could change

For instance, is no good if you stop selling sheds, just as is no use once Dr Winter moves to another practice and is replaced by Dr Brown.

3. Relevant to your business name and/or the services you provide

If you have a very long company name you may wish to consider using a shortened version.

Nominet Terms and Conditions

Nominet are the .uk domain name governing body and we are a Nominet Member.

Being a Nominet member means we can register and manage .uk domains directly for our customers.

Nominet Member

Registrant terms:

Further information can be found at: