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Troubleshooting common email problems

The troubleshooting steps for common email problems are below.

1. Connection problem

A major cause of email problems is difficulty with your internet connection.

Test this by visiting

Have you had intermittent problems viewing websites recently? If your send/receive session seems to "time out", check you still have a connection by visiting the above address.

2. Check the account settings are all exactly as they should be

If this account has just been set up, moved from one computer to another, or changed in any way, your problem may well be down to incorrect settings.

Double-check your settings against the guides for Outlook, Outlook Express or Thunderbird in our Technical Support section.

3. Log into your inbox through your browser, using the World Client interface

Our server supports direct web access to your email account, in a way similar to Hotmail. To do this, visit the following address...

Enter your email address and password, then click "sign in". You should now see the World Client interface, open at the content of your inbox, and can view, compose, forward and delete messages in the same way as with any other web-based email client.

Check through your messages to see if any contain very large attachments. These could cause timeouts when attempting to download your messages, especially if you are on a dial-up account rather than broadband. Save any such attachments (if you need them) then delete the messages they are attached to. Now retry your send/receive from your normal email program.

If your inbox is empty, check you can send an email from the account to itself. Compose and send the message, then click away from the inbox, then back again shortly afterwards to refresh the view. If the email lands in the inbox the account is correctly set up. If the email has not arrived after several minutes, contact the webteam at Oldroyd Publishing Group.

4. Have you just changed your Internet Service Provider?

Certain ISPs require a slight modification of your email settings. If you now use AOL, Virgin Media, Tiscali or Orange Broadband (Formerly Wannado), you will need to change the outgoing mail port to 366. Click here for instructions.

5. Do the error messages report a problem with connecting to, or a different server?

Email error messages often name a server which they are having difficulty contacting. If the messages you receive are naming a server other than then the problem is likely to be caused by an email account other than that provided by Oldroyd Publishing Group. The server name will usually indicate which is the problem account.

If none of the above suggestions solves the problem, please contact the Webteam at Oldroyd Publishing Group.