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Setting up your email account in the Outlook App On An Android Device

If you already have the Outlook App installed, open it and then depending on your device, tap the navigation control at the bottom of your Android, or tap More > Settings > Add Account.

Now tap the IMAP option.

On the next screen, please enter:

Your Display Name

Your Full Email Address, for example

Your Password

Then click Next

Now you need to add the server details

(Please note this setup is slightly different to a normal setup.
The only difference is you need to add the port numbers after the Hostname for both the in-coming and out-going servers.
Make sure you add a colon followed by the respective numbers right after the Hostname with no spaces.)

In Coming Server & Port Number is:   mail.opgweb:143

Your Username: Your full email address

Password: Your password

Out Going Server & Port Number is:

Username: Your full email address

Password: Your password

Now click the Next button

You should get the following error message 'Log-in Error' after clicking the next button

Please click the LOG-IN button to proceed.

That is it you should now see the next screen which should be the settings page with in the App.

It Should show you the Account is in the APP. 

If you now click on the Settings Button at the top it will then take you to the inbox of the account.

The screen will probably be black with a button saying "Load More Emails" If you click on this button it should load the emails that are on the server.

That's it, you are done. Congratulations.