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Setting up your email account in Thunderbird 3.1.x

This guide is based on Thunderbird version 3.0 - steps for other versions may vary.

1. If this is the first time you are running Thunderbird you will be presented with the "Account Wizard", as displayed in next step.

If you are not presented with the wizard then please select in "File" menu "New">"Mail Account":

Setup Stage 1 - Thunderbird 3

2. Enter your name as you would like it to appear on emails you send from your account.
Enter your email address that has been provided to you along with your password.
Click "Continue".

3. Thunderbird will attempt to guess the settings for your account. Unfortunately, in our case, the guesses are not correct.
Click "Stop" at the far right of the window.

4. Once Thunderbird has stopped trying to guess your settings, you now need to enter the correct settings (See Image Below)

5. Once you have entered the proper settings, there is another step before we can click create. Please click "Manual Setup..."
What you should see is another box has opened up, dont worry there are only a few things to check.

Choose "Server Settings" in the list on the left under the account you have just created.

Alongside "Server Name" enter "". Check that the "Port" is set to "110".

Enter the username, in this case it will be your full email address

Under "Security Settings", ensure "Connection security" is set to "None".

The remaining default options are good.

6. The next step we need to check the SMTP settings so please choose "Outgoing Server (SMTP)" at the bottom of the list on the left hand side of the account settings window.
Select the account you have just set up in the list at the right of the window and click "Edit".

7. Enter "" in the "Server Name" field if it is not already there and leave the "Port" at "25".

Tick "Use name and password" and enter the username you were provided wth, this is your full email address.

Ensure the "Connection security" is set to "None" and click "OK".

8. Click "OK" again to return to the main window.

Your email should now be configured correctly. Try sending yourself a message and checking it arrives in your inbox.
You may be prompted to enter your password again when you send your first email.