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Setting up your email account on a Windows Phone 7 using IMAP

From the Home screen, tap the right arrow or swipe to the right

Home Screen

Scroll down and tap Settings.

Settings Screen

Tap email + accounts.

Email Accounts Screen

Tap add an account.

Add Accounts Screen

Tap advanced setup.

Advanced Setup Screen

Enter your complete email address:

Enter your email password

Tap next.

Advanced Setup Screen 1

Tap Internet email.

Advanced Setup Screen 2

Enter the following:

  • Account name: Your Complete Eail Address ie.
  • Your name: Your Name
  • Incoming email server:
  • Account type: IMAP4
    • We recommend IMAP for most users, as it allows your emails to be viewed from multiple computers
  • User name:Your Complete Eail Address ie.
  • Outgoing (SMTP) email server:

Tap advanced settings

Advanced Settings Screens

Make sure the following check boxes are checked:

  • Outgoing server requires authentication
  • Use the same user name and password for sending email

Choose a frequency at which to download your emails from Download new content and how far back your phone will store your emails from Download email from.

Tap sign in

Email Advanced Options Screen

Note: your email will start to download to your device.

If you go back to the Home screen, you will see a new Live Tile with your new Email account.

When you receive messages, the number of new messages will appear next to the letter icon.

Your Home Mail Tile