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Remote support

Desktop Computer

In order to give us remote access to a desktop computer, you will need to download and run a small file from Team Viewer for your operating system. Click on the Team Viewer logo below to download and run it. Depending on which web browser you are using, it may launch automatically, or you may need to click the downloaded file in order to launch it.

In Internet Explorer you should choose 'run' from the options you are given.

In Chrome, you may see the downloaded file appear at the bottom of your web browser. Click this to run it.

In Firefox, you may be asked to save the file. This should then see the software in your downloads list (the down arrow at the top of your browser). You can click it there to launch it.

Once you have started the software your computer may ask you to confirm you wish to run it. Click 'ok'.

Once the software is running, you should see a window containing an ID and a password. We will need these in order to establish the connection.

Mobile Device

In order to give us remote access to an Android or Apple mobile device, you will need to download a small app from Team Viewer. Links to these are below.